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How To Make Friends In Your New UTK Housing

Jan 20th, 2020

While moving to a new apartment is typically an exciting experience, leaving behind old friends and starting somewhere new can cause ...

How To Find The Great Outdoors Near Your Knoxville Apartment

Nov 19th, 2019

When you live in off campus apartments in Knoxville, the great outdoors is within your reach. Knox Ridge features ...

How To Get Along With Roommates

Sep 26th, 2019

After spending a year in on campus housing, most students are ready to get away from the cramped dorm life and get their first ...

Why It’s Better To Have A Roommate

Jul 10th, 2019

Students moving to Knoxville have a number of important decisions to make, including whether or not to live with a roommate in Knoxville student ...

Tips For Cleaning Your Apartment In A Hurry

Jun 13th, 2019

Unannounced pop-ins are par for the course at many student apartments near UTK. College students may be busy, but they also tend to go ...

Apartment Moving Checklist

May 23rd, 2019

Here’s a fun activity: list your life’s most pivotal events in order of their importance — from most important to least important. Items near the top of the list might include ...

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