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Why Community Living Is
Better Than Apartment Living

Why Community Living Is Better Than Apartment Living

Students who attend The University of Tennessee have many options when it comes to Knoxville student housing. While living in college dorms is great for making friends and being close to classes, it can feel stuffy and fail to provide enough personal space. Stand-alone apartments are popular off campus living options because they allow students independence and space. But oftentimes, students feel isolated from their friends and college communities.

Fusing the benefits of communal spaces with personal comfort, Knoxville student communities allow residents to enjoy the best of both worlds for the ultimate college living experience. It’s clear that many students have positive experiences while living in off campus housing near UTK. But the most coveted apartment communities are those brimming with amenities and exclusive features that help students save money, enjoy personal comforts, have fun with friends, and ultimately increase the likelihood of success during college.

Save Money With Amenities

Knoxville student apartments offer residents free access to a variety of on-site amenities that can help them live comfortably while saving money. For example, rather than paying for Internet and cable services, students can enjoy free high-speed Internet and cable in the convenience of their apartment or while enjoying the day poolside.

On-campus workout spaces can be crowded, preventing students from having the chance to get exercise between classes. And most traditional apartments don’t offer on-site fitness facilities. Instead of buying gym memberships to keep active, students who live at Knox Ridge can enjoy a state-of-the-art gym, fully equipped with ellipticals, squat racks, free weights, and more!

Have Fun In Communal Spaces

A well-balanced college experience includes taking time to cultivate community ties and having fun during downtime. In any college experience, shared spaces are a hotspot for building the community. UTK student apartments give residents the opportunity to bond with peers with a variety of on-site activities, such as lounging on tubes in a lazy river and watching a Volunteers game with friends on an outdoor Jumbotron.

Enjoy Personal Comfort

Between homework and classes, student life can be busy. Finding quiet, comfortable places to de-stress and unwind is essential to maintaining focus and living a healthy lifestyle. The hustle and bustle of campus can make relaxing a difficult task. Off campus housing offers amenities that help students relax and rejuvenate, such as a property-wide nature trail.

Because privacy is important, student communities feature individual locks on bedroom doors, spacious and private interiors, and a relaxing clubhouse to help residents focus while studying, enjoy personal space, and destress from a long day.

Live In A Convenient Location Near UTK

In addition to the advantages of living independently, off campus housing also provides residents with the ability to walk, bike, drive, or take the shuttle. In student apartments Knoxville, TN, residents often use shuttles for safe transportation to nearby destinations, such as UTK campus and downtown. Shuttles feature real-time tracking so students can make sure they’re never late to class or delayed from meeting friends for weekend fun downtown.

Why Choose Our Student Housing Community?

As more students move off campus, residential communities fill up quickly. At Knox Ridge, UTK students can live close to campus while enjoying comfortable luxury and first-class residential and community amenities designed to help students succeed. We offer a variety of townhouse floor plans tailored to meet students’ living preferences and needs. What's more, each of our apartments is fully furnished and move-in ready, making settling into your new living space a breeze. Call us today for more information about Knoxville student housing or to schedule a Knox Ridge community tour!

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