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Furnished vs. Unfurnished
Student Apartments

Furnished vs. Unfurnished Student Apartments

One question you'll have to answer while searching for the perfect off campus apartment is whether to go with a furnished or unfurnished unit. Each type of housing has its pros and cons, yet the benefits of furnished rooms seem particularly compelling for many students. Is furnished housing right for you, though? The only one way to know is by reviewing the differences between them.


Furnished Housing  

A "furnished" apartment contains interior amenities that make the space livable. Depending on the community, furnishings may be limited to furniture, or they may extend to everything from TVs and wall art to kitchen utensils and utilities. Furnished, off campus housing near UTK tends to trend in the latter direction. In Knox Ridge, for example, your home is outfitted with both practical and luxury features for all aspects of life, from high-speed internet for streaming and studying to custom furniture packages that include beds, desks, and couches. Would furnished housing be advantageous for you? Consider the pros and cons. 


The Pros

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable setting. But not every student owns or has the money to buy furniture to make a bare space livable. Furnished housing eliminates this concern. From the day you move in — no moving trucks needed — you're immersed in a cohesive environment that feels less like temporary college housing and more like a long-term home. Paying a flat, monthly installment that includes high-speed internet, cable TV, and most utilities is also cheaper, in many cases, than paying for these services individually.


The Cons

Moving in to furnished housing can present a dilemma of what to do with the items you own already? There are countertops, tables, and other spaces to display personal items. You also have spacious closets for storage. But that still leaves the large items, such as a mattress or couch you already own. True, it'd be difficult to integrate these into the unit without crowding the space. But one solution is to sell your extra furniture online, then any extra cash you earn can go toward your monthly expenses.


Unfurnished Apartments

Although in Knoxville student apartments near UTK tend to be furnished, most rentals are unfurnished, and it's the tenants' responsibility to produce furniture and set up utilities. Living in a barren space doesn't exactly work for students who lack the budget to furnish their housing. But there are renters who do have the money and ambition to make a home from the ground up. Knowing which of these renters you are tells you whether unfurnished housing is suitable or not. If you're still not sure, there are other pros and cons to consider.


The Pros

Because there's no furniture, decorations, or services provided, unfurnished apartments give renters the freedom to make their living spaces their own. Whereas furnished student housing provides a mattress, desk, couch, and TV, you are instead able to purchase the versions of these items that appeal to you. The same applies to setting up services with internet and cable providers: instead of settling for what's pre-installed, you can sign up for the services you want. 


The Cons

Unless you already own the furniture to make your home livable, you'll have to shell out money to furnish the place or else settle for living a spartan lifestyle. Also, if you plan on leaving the residence after a year, perhaps because you're graduating, those two-year contracts you may have had to sign for cable and internet services may also come back to bite you financially in the form of hefty cancellation fees. 


Where To Find Furnished Student Housing In Knoxville?

If you're looking for furnished student housing in Knoxville, check out Knox Ridge. We've redefined what college living can be with our affordable, luxury townhomes near UTK. Our units feature private bedrooms, full kitchens, and common living areas. Plus the rooms are outfitted with all the furnishings you need to live comfortably every day. Contact us to learn more!  

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