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The Many Benefits
Of Student Apartments

The Many Benefits Of Student Apartments

The years spent at college are often life-changing. You gain knowledge for a career or future studies and receive essential life lessons, many of which materialize while living on your own for the first time. But where you live also plays a decisive role in shaping your overall college experience, and not all housing arrangements are alike. In fact, some student accommodations are much better than typical apartment rentals. Here, we list the many benefits of choosing off campus housing near the University of Tennessee.

Moving In Made Simple

Our student apartments not only have individual bedrooms and bathrooms, but they also come furnished. From couches to desks, dining tables to televisions, cable service to Internet, if you need it to live well, it’s provided to you. When you factor in the money saved in a furnished unit, the total monthly cost is often lower than for an unfurnished apartment. Consider this: not only would you have to purchase furniture — You’d also need to hire movers or delivery service to transport those items to your home.

That’s not even taking into consideration the effort to assemble all of the furniture. Admittedly, not every student apartment in Knoxville has furniture included. But as long as you reside at Knox Ridge, you can expect the benefits of furnished housing.

Parents Love ’Em!

Let’s be honest: most students want to please their parents. Some accomplish this by choosing specific majors — pre-med, anyone? Others do it by regularly checking in with texts or Facetime. But one surefire way to satisfy parents is to move into apartments that are affordable, and where your parents won’t need to worry about you. Student apartments might even be called “apartments parents love.”

They feature bedroom desks and communal study lounges to encourage productivity, full-size kitchens for healthy meal prep, and in-unit laundry machines to keep things pleasantly scented and sanitary. And by-the-bed rental contracts protect residents financially when their roommates pay late or move out early. Favorable terms for cosigners let parents assist students with living expenses.

And on-site management provides on-demand guidance for practically any situation. So, all in all, these apartments are loved by students and appreciated by parents — the ultimate win-win scenario. Knox Ridge is the archetype for modern student apartments. With furnished units, on-site amenities, and a location near campus, we afford residents all the above-mentioned benefits, plus many others! Call to schedule a property tour.

Meeting People Comes Easy

Every student has a list of things they aspire to take away from their time at the university: a degree, a sweatshirt with an orange UTK emblem emblazoned across the front, and, especially, new friendships. The social aspect of college living shouldn’t be understated. Meanwhile, the place where most friendships are forged isn’t the classroom but student apartments. These are specifically designed to foster rewarding social interactions.

Residents are approximately the same ages and attend the same school, already giving them much in common. The community also is replete with group-oriented amenities — think pool parties galore. Plus, roommate-matching services make it easier than ever before to live with people who share similar outlooks on life.

Commuting Is A Breeze

Getting to the university a few minutes faster can mean the difference between being tardy or on-time. Most apartments for rent in Knoxville are found throughout the city — as far north as Old City and North Knoxville and south beyond South Knoxville and even Kingsley Station. When you see an apartment online, it’s a roll of the dice whether it’s a reasonable driving distance (let alone biking distance) from UTK.

Contrast that situation with the reality of UTK student apartments, which are intentionally built near the university. From Knox Ridge, for example, it’s a leisurely bike ride to campus: take Cherokee Trail to Medical Center Way, ride over the bridge across the Tennessee River, loop onto Neyland Drive, hook a left onto Joe Johnson Drive, and you’re there — easy peasy!

The ability to bike to class eliminates a range of transportation costs including fuel, school parking passes, and frequent vehicle maintenance. Moreover, if you don’t feel like biking on a rainy day, our community offers free shuttles that travel to and from the UTK campus and downtown Knoxville. It’s a commuter’s dream.

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